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Bible Studies

Chapel Church is proud to offer multiple bible studies this fall on Thursday evenings following Thirsty Thursday, our group meal together. Come join us for dinner at 5:30pm, stick around for a class starting at 6:30pm (current classes listed below). If you have interest in joining a class or have any questions, please contact George Bradshaw at 717-244-6375 x107 or


Men's Group

We will continue to study our STEPPING UP, A CALL TO COURAGEOUS MANHOOD series by FamilyLife Publishing, Dennis Rainey.
Chapter topics to come are Engaging with Wisdom and Grace, Planning and Providing, Having a Vision for your marriage and family, Having a vision for your world.
“The essence of manhood is more than a location; it is an attitude. So take heart and step in to this study knowing that the most important part is to come away with an action plan that fits the person God has made you to be.”

Where? Education Wing – Room A4
When? 6:30pm


Christianity & Islam

In this study, we will compare the basic beliefs of Muslims with those held by Christians. Participants will gain a better understanding of the basic beliefs of the Islamic faith, in addition to growing deeper in embracing their own Christ-centered beliefs. An excellent study for preparation in reaching out to Muslims without offending cultural sensitivities.

Some of the topics covered will include…
• Religious History
• Who is God
• The Holy Scriptures
• Prophets
• Practices and Rituals
• Salvation and Paradise
• The Role of Women in Islam

Where? Education Wing – Room A2
When? Thursdays – 6:30pm


One Thousand Gifts

Here you will discover a way of seeing that opens your eyes to ordinary amazing grace, a way of living that is fully alive, and a way of becoming present to God that brings you deep and lasting joy. In "One Thousand Gifts," Ann invites you to embrace everyday blessings and embark on the transformative spiritual discipline of chronicling God's gifts.

Where? Education Wing – Room A6
When? Thursdays – 6:30pm


Disciple – Old Testament

This study approaches the Hebrew Scriptures by inviting participants to hear the story of God and God's calling of the people of Israel through the many "voices" of the biblical text. Narrative, poetry, history and prophetic utterance all have their own distinctive characteristics and purposes, arising out of a particular historical, social, and cultural setting. To understand fully the story of God's covenantal relationship with Israel calls for listening to these various ways the story is told throughout the Old Testament. This is the participants guide.

Where? Education Wing – Room A5
When? Thursdays – 6:30pm